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At Hawkes Bay Sandblasting we provide quality surface protection. Our aim is to maintain ongoing improvements in our processes and systems, with the goal of becoming Hawkes Bay’s leading Surface Protection provider by offering cost-effective and high-quality surface finishes to our clients.

Our services extend not only to steel and structures fabricated by Patton Engineering Limited, but increasingly include surface treatments to externally fabricated structures, equipment, and components to a number of diverse clients, in a range of industries.

The abrasive blasting booth dimensions are eight meters wide by six meters high by twenty-six meters long, allowing for a large range of jobs to be processed through our in-house facilities.

Blasted structures are moved through to our two painting booths and our thermal arc zinc spray booth where we can apply a range of surface protection systems to suit client demands, specifications and environmental and service requirements. The company is well equipped for small to large abrasive blasting and painting jobs.

We also provide Thermal Arc Zinc spraying, with modern equipment available to undertake a full range of services. Thermal Arc Zinc spraying offers the same guarantee as Hot Dip Galvanising, but where galvanising would typically have an 80-micron build, Thermal Arc Zinc Spray can be applied up to 200-microns. As Thermal Arc Zinc Spraying does not distort structural steel components, this process is an ideal solution where structures would typically be distorted through the galvanising process. We are finding that this process is increasing in popularity with our clients.

Phone: 06 872 7120

Address: 32 Rangitane Road
Whakatu, New Zealand

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