In Carpentry, our students are taught how to create and make projects to high skill levels using a wide variety of tools and techniques.


In the senior school, students complete numerous projects throughout the year and work towards gaining BCITO and Competenz Unit Standard credits. Projects include bar stools, garden furniture, coffee tables, playhouses, sheds, etc.


Projects are either completed in the workshop or outside on a worksite at school. Most students either gain apprenticeship or employment opportunities after finishing this course or move on to EIT to enrol for various Building and Construction courses on offer.


Our BCITO courses specialise in the Building and Construction industry pathways with students also using portable power tools to build their projects.


The Competenz courses focus on Furniture making and students learn how to use hand tools and power tools to make furniture pieces to very high accuracy levels. Both courses prepare student with the necessary skills to move onto a variety of pathways in the Building and Construction Industries.


After completing Year 11, Level 1 

Carpentry L2 

Design Technology L2, Achievement Standards course leading to UE 

Pre-trade EIT courses L2. Leave school and attend EIT Fulltime 

Trades Academy L2 courses on Fridays at EIT, while still attending school 


Other L2 courses at EIT or elsewhere 

After completing Year 12, Level 2 

Carpentry L3

Design Technology L3, Achievement Standards course leading to UE 

Pre-trade EIT courses L2 / L3. Attend EIT fulltime 

Trades Academy L3 courses on Fridays at EIT, while at-tending school 

Leave school and start an Apprenticeship 

Other L3 courses at EIT or elsewhere 

Leave school and look for work 

After completing Year 13, Level 3 

Pre-Trade EIT courses L2 / L3. Fulltime at EIT 

Start an Apprenticeship leading to a Trade qualification ον 

Other L3 courses at EIT or elsewhere 

Look for work 

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