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In Design Technology, students are taught problem solving skills.


During Y9 and Y10, students build various projects in the wood workshop to establish the necessary skills for the senior course.


One of the highlights is building a functional pinball machine in Y10. For Y11 to Y13, students identify, design and make their own projects. Popular projects each year are Bluetooth speakers, bedside tables, deck chairs, storage and furniture pieces. The course is offered in a wood workshop but students are challenged to think outside the square and are encouraged to use a variety of materials in their projects with access to the Engineering workshop as well.


This is a University Entrance accredited subject and although it provides opportunities for students to study towards University qualifications, it also provides students with transferable life skills they can apply in all walks of life.


Students from this workshop have moved on to become Engineers, bankers, builders, plumbers, electricians, architects, nurses, real estate developers, etc.


After completing Year 11, Level 1 

Design Technology L2 

DVC / Graphics L2 

Carpentry L2 

Pre-trade or other EIT courses L2. Leave school and attend EIT Full time 

Trades Academy L2 courses on Fridays at EIT, while still attending school  


After completing Year 12, Level 2 

Design Technology L3 

Carpentry L3 

Pre-trade or other EIT courses L2 / L3. Attend EIT full time 

Trades Academy L3 courses on Fridays at EIT, while attending school 

Leave school and start an Apprenticeship or work 

Other L3 courses at EIT or elsewhere 

After completing Year 13, Level 3 

Go to University 

Pre-Trade or other EIT courses L2 / L3 / L4 

Start an Apprenticeship leading to a Trade qualification 

Other L4 certificate courses at EIT or elsewhere 

Look for work

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