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Improving the quality of our workforces, recognising local talent and inspiring students at grass roots level are the foundations of the Hastings Boys' High School Technology Initiative.


With a shortage of skilled candidates in the Technology fields and Trades Industry as well as an ageing workforce, the Initiative aims to utilise the dynamic and well resourced Technology Department at Hastings Boys' High School exposing students to different pathways, while giving them real life exposure to Technology within our community.


But it doesn't stop there. We hope this initiative can be used as a framework for other school's and businesses across Hawke's Bay and New Zealand to encourage them to follow suit and enhance the future of all students and industries by sparking career interest, motivation and ambition at school level.


Being the largest Structural Engineering Company in HB, Patton Engineering was looking for talented staff in a competitive market and was having to look overseas to fill their requirements.


This prompted Patton's to look within our community at the youth wanting to join our industries in the coming years.

They realised the need to capture these kids early, to build on their interests and inspire their futures within their chosen fields.


Not only were the benefits of improved skills and qualified students evident to Patton Engineering's workforce, but the spin-off effects to the entire industry and community became visible.


Pattons then reached out to other like-minded companies in the region who took interest, and the Initiative grew from there. Now we have companies from all sectors of the Trade Industry providing apprenticeships, funding equipment and providing discounted services needed for the School Technology Department to run at its ultimate best.

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1. Motivate students showing them potential career opportunities in Technology and the Trades Industries.

2. Providing teachers with the opportunity to encourage students to consider a career in Technology and the Trades Industries.

3. Provide a comprehensive workshop foundation for young men serious about their future careers in Technology and the Trades.

4. Provide potential career opportunities & employment direction once they’ve left school


1. To be involved in developing and improving the quality of Hawke’s Bay’s industrial sector.

2. To give back to the community & the industry.

3. To train skilled workers across the various trades.

4. To work alongside schools and the EIT with practical training relevant to industry needs.

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