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Engineering stimulates the mind. Kids get bored easily. They have to get out, get their hands dirty: makes things dismantle things, fix things. When schools can offer that you will have an engineer for life –Bruce Dickinson.

McLaren Stainless 

The Team at McLaren Stainless are excited and proud to be a part of this initiative. It is innovative, future forward, community based and very much needed in industry. 


McLaren Stainless is a third generation family business based in the Hawke’s Bay. Founded by Reginald McLaren in the 1920’s, followed by his son Bruce and grandson Rob, who is Managing Director today. From its original beginnings McLaren Stainless has developed into a world class stainless steel fabrication and OEM business exporting machines globally, specialising in the food processing sector. 

A bit about us for the Boys! 

What you really want to know. We will teach you, we will learn from you. We have a fun and safe workshop, where you can learn all of the skills required to become a Trade Certified Engineer. 

The Managing Director represented New Zealand in the worlds for Engineering – so he knows where you need to start, what you need to learn and that you can continue to grow as a person and as an engineer. We have all types of engineers and people here, there is no square other than 90degrees, what is normal? 

Engineering is a career that can have you travelling all over the world. Anything you can imagine you can create. The only limit is your grit passion and determination. With that your skill, engineering and person will thrive. Question everything. 

We are excited to be a part of this new initiative and cannot wait to help develop challenge, learn from and grow Hawkes Bays up and coming engineers. 

If you are standing in a room and you understand the entire conversation you are standing in the wrong room.

Phone: 06-873 9100

Address:1019 Manchester St, Woolwich, Hastings 4120

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